9 Simple Tips to Lower Your AC Bills & Save Money This Lockdown Summer


Summer is here, and with it comes scorching temperatures. With the mercury rising, you may be tempted to crank up the air conditioning to make your home more comfortable. However, this can be an expensive proposition for your wallet. But don’t worry! You can still beat the heat without breaking the bank.

Follow these nine tips to lower your AC bills and save money this lockdown summer:

  • Set Your AC Temperature at an Optimum Level: Setting your thermostat by just one degree can significantly affect how much energy your system uses. Adjust the thermostat based on the size of your home and its layout. If you have a larger home with many rooms, set the temperature higher than a smaller space with fewer rooms. It would help if you also considered whether or not any windows are open before setting your AC temperature so that you don’t waste energy cooling an empty room. 
  • Close Vents in Unused Rooms (or Close Doors): If you have a room, you don’t often use (such as an attic or basement), close off any vents that lead into that space with duct tape or other materials so that cool air doesn’t escape unnecessarily. If there’s no door separating these rooms from those you regularly use, close those doors as well — this will keep cold air out of unused spaces where it may not be needed.
  • Clean or Change Air Conditioner Coils Regularly (Every Two Months): One of the quickest ways to enhance AC efficiency is to ensure that your coils are clean and debris-free. If they’re covered in dirt or leaves, they won’t be able to do their job either. So, it’s worth taking some time each spring or fall to give them a good scrubbing with hot water and soap (or whatever cleaning solution works best for your system). If there’s any damage, such as dents or tears in the metal fins on top of each coil, it’s essential to replace them immediately because this will affect how well the system cools down your home.
  • Clean or Replace Filters Regularly (Every Three Months): Most people don’t realize how dirty their AC filters get until they see them after cleaning! A dirty filter doesn’t let air flow freely, so it has to work harder — wasting energy. A clean filter ensures proper air circulation, which can help your air conditioner run more efficiently. If you have an electronic filter-cleaning system, all you need is a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment for cleaning.
  • Use Fans Strategically: Fans circulate air, which helps cool down rooms without using any energy. Use them when possible instead of cranking up the AC unit, especially during hot afternoons when windows are shut and there is no circulation of fresh air coming through open windows. If you have central air conditioning with a ceiling fan installed in addition to window units, use them both together for optimal cooling effect – make sure you set them at different speeds so that they don’t cause drafts in your house when they spin, too. Fast!
  • Adjust the Humidity Settings: It’s crucial to ensure that your home is at an ideal temperature during these hot months. Running a humidifier adds humidity to indoor air, which makes people feel more relaxed as they sweat more, but it also uses more energy than cooling without it. When you set the humidity level too low, you will use more energy than necessary to cool down your home since moisture helps cool down a room faster. If your AC unit isn’t working correctly and lowering the humidity levels doesn’t seem to help, contact a professional AC contractor in Lynnwood, WA, who can diagnose any issues with your system.
  • Invest in Programmable Thermostats: Programmable thermostats are excellent investments if you want to lower your AC bills without sacrificing comfort levels in your home during the hot summer months. These devices can be set up to automatically adjust temperatures based on when you’re home or away from home. Doing so will help you save energy costs while ensuring you don’t use energy unnecessarily and keeping you comfortable enough not to complain too much about the heat! 
  • Check Your Insulation: The next thing you should do when preparing for a hot summer’s to check your insulation. You might think this will only benefit you in winter, but it helps in both seasons. Cold air seeps through cracks in your walls, floor, and ceiling. So if there are holes or gaps around your windows and doors, heat from outside can easily find its way inside. This is especially true if those cracks are around the window frames — where most people don’t realize they exist!
  • Seal Up Your Home: Incorrectly sealed windows and doors can let in hot air, causing higher energy bills and making your home uncomfortable. Instead, seal any openings around windows or doors with caulk, weather stripping, or draft-proofing materials. This will also help keep out insects and other pests that can damage your property.

To lower your AC bills and save money this summer, you need to hire DVAC Heating and Air LLC. We can help you get AC tuned up in Lynnwood, WA so that it works at peak performance levels all year long. Call (425) 403-7931.

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