How Do I Troubleshoot My Heater Thermostat?

What could be a worse nightmare than your heater not working on a cold winter night? What to do if you find yourself stuck in a similar problem like this, especially if you live in places that experience a very low temperature in winter. This article will share some tips to troubleshoot your heater thermostat before you call the servicemen to get it repaired.

Maintain Your Heater To Keep It From Breaking

While forced-air furnaces are generally dependable, they do have the potential to fail. For the harsh winter months, it’s critical to keep heating systems in top shape. A little engine maintenance before the cold winter season can go a long way toward preventing your heater from breaking down in the future. Vacuum the area around the furnace’s blower as winter approaches. Slide-out the fan unit and clean the fan blades with a toothbrush if possible. Vacuum it out with a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Replace The Filter

Filters that are dirty or clogged are among the most common causes of furnace difficulties and can result in excessive operating expenses. When filters are blocked with dust and grime, the heat exchanger might overheat and shut down abruptly. This also produces soot buildup on the heat exchanger, which reduces the efficiency of your furnace.

If the blower is working but no heat is going out, the next step is to replace the filter. To find out where the filter is and how to remove it, consult your owner’s manual. It would help if you changed flat filters at least once a month, and you should inspect pleated filters once a month. It’s time to replace the filters if you can’t see the light clearly through them. If you live in Snohomish and need an expert opinion on furnace repair Snohomish, WA contacts DVAC Heating & Air LLC.

Make Certain The Gas Is Turned On

The gas valve, like the thermostat, is prone to be turned off and forgotten. Trace the gas line from the furnace to the meter to see if this is the case. Turn any handles that are perpendicular to the gas pipe to make them parallel. A pilot light is likely to be found in an older furnace or boiler. Remove the front panel and the burner lid to check if yours has a pilot light.

Make sure you should remove the chimney leaves and debris from exhaust vents. Leaves or debris are likely blocking the intake or exhaust of your furnace if it vents out the side of the home. Replace the screen mesh with a half-inch mesh hardware cloth if the pipes are covered with it. If one of the pipes is clogged with ice, you may have a bigger problem. Remove the ice, give us a call, and we’ll assist you in determining why this is happening.

Clear The Exhaust Flue

The issue may be caused by birds or trash in the chimney exhaust flue. Turn the furnace off and the thermostat down to see whether this is the case. Remove the duct and inspect it for debris. Reassemble the pieces in the same order and direction as they were taken apart.

In case it seems to you that the problem is of a kind that can’t be fixed by yourself, it’s always better to let the experts tackle the problem timely to avoid a larger hole in the pocket. If you want to seek Snohomish, WA furnace repair, refer to DVAC Heating & Air LLC. We have a very skilled force of workers, and we provide a quality service at a fairly reasonable price.

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