What Do Professionals Do During A Furnace Inspection?

The longevity of your heating system depends upon its inspection and timely repair. If you don’t call professionals to inspect, diagnose, and fix HVAC systems annually, the efficiency of your system will be reduced. Therefore, it’s important to hire expert furnace service in Lynnwood, WA, to inspect your system.

Professional furnace service in Lynnwood, WA has various advantages, including:

  • Increase in furnace unit’s life
  • Increase in energy-efficiency
  • Decrease in power bills
  • Guaranteed better indoor comfort
  • Reduction in the risk of breakdowns
  • Boost in air quality

Here is what professionals do in a furnace inspection.

Furnace Inspection Process: What Does it Include?

Here is how the professionals do it!

  • Tightening and Testing Furnace Parts: Your furnace is not a simple HVAC equipment. It has various parts, including a heat exchanger, fan, blower motor, burners, combustion chamber, etc. Even if one part starts to malfunction, you will notice strange noises coming out of it when you turn it on.

Professional furnace service in Lynnwood, WA, tests if all the parts are working, lubricate motor bearings, and adjust moving parts for smooth functions. They calibrate the thermostat, change the air filter if required, and clean the condensate drain too.

  • Inspecting and Cleaning the Heat Exchanger: Your heating system can switch off and on by itself before reaching the desired temperature if your heat exchanger overheats. The reason behind it can be a lack of airflow due to dirt build-up on the flame sensor. Therefore, professionals check the heat exchanger during the furnace inspection service to ensure its working fine.
  • Checking and Cleaning the Burner: When the burner of your heating system does not get enough air, the color of the flame can change. You can start to notice that the flame is suddenly turning orange or yellow. The reason behind it can be dust build-up blocking the airways.

Therefore, professionals check the ignition system and clean the burner during an inspection service to prevent your HVAC system from losing its functional strength.

  • Voltage, Electrical Parts, and Current Checks: If you are trying to cut down on your power bills, yet you notice a spike in the bills at the end of the month, your furnace might be responsible. Due to voltage issues, an overworking heating system can lead to soaring electric bills.

Professionals help your furnace work smoothly by inspecting all electrical parts thoroughly. They test carbon monoxide levels if required too. In addition, they adjust the fan belt & gas pressure and check all oil lines to prevent the risk of leakage.

  • Clean the Exterior of the Furnace: For maintaining good airflow, cleaning your outdoor condenser unit is necessary too. Keeping the HVAC system’s exterior away from vegetation & bushes reduces the risk of rodent infestation. Thus, professionals make sure to clean the exterior during an inspection service.

Lastly, now that you know why inspection is important, you don’t have to worry about finding the right furnace service in Lynnwood, WA. At DVAC Heating & Air LLC, our team provides reliable furnace inspection service! To schedule a preventive furnace inspection, speak to our customer care executives at (425) 403-7931 now.

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