What Happens When Your Furnace Stops Working In The Winter?

Uncertainties can strike every minute and the same goes with your furnace. Your worst fear could just turn into reality leaving you without a clue of what must have happened. Winters are rough and tough and the only way you can get through harsh winter months is with the help of a working furnace. 

Imagine the temperature is teeth-wrenching outside and you notice your room temperature has suddenly plummeted to freezing point. You may wonder what must have happened initially and then you turn to your furnace only to find out it is no longer functioning.

When you find out your furnace is no longer functioning, it may raise many questions and without proper knowledge about furnaces, you may find yourself helpless.

Furnaces play a vital role in keeping you comfortable and warm during winter. It is important on your part to know basic knowledge about them to avoid such situations taking a toll on you. With even basic knowledge you may know what must have caused your furnace to break down even though you may require experts to fix it.

In this article today, we will understand the causes of furnaces breaking down and what happens when your furnace breaks down in the winter.

Check for any foul odor

When misfortune strikes and causes your furnace to break down, your priority is to check if there is any trace of scent released by your furnace. If you notice any foul odor of gas or rotten eggs, then it is a possible indication of a gas leak from your furnace.  Remember, a well-functioning furnace doesn’t release foul odor or gas. Therefore, if you notice it from your furnace, then the reason for your furnace breaking down is the gas leak. Manufacturers intentionally add a sulphuric compound named Mercaptan to alert and make you aware of the gas leak. 

Your first action should be to contact HVAC or Gas experts to deal with the situation at hand since these glasses are harmful to your health. You must make sure you and your family members are not exposed to the gas. 

Evacuate the place and wait until help arrives and your furnace is fixed. 

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Troubleshoot your furnace

Fortunately, you notice that your furnace is not leaking gas. However, you may still be clueless and helpless about what must be the other cause. In this case, check your furnace for other problems and troubleshoot your furnace for all the possible reasons that must have caused the breakdown.

Check if your pilot light is running. Furnaces consist of fuses that keep them up and running. Sometimes these fuses may blow out resulting in breaking down your furnace. Be sure to check if any of the fuses have blown out. Next, check for possible circuit breaker trips. Many times, it happens that the thermostat settings are to be blamed so consider checking it too and see if it is not set too low. 

Normally, these are minor causes and you can fix them on your own. If these are the causes for your furnace breakdown then you won’t require any professional help to get your furnace up and running again.

Always be prepared with a plan B

Furnaces are heavy appliances and due to the intensive nature of functioning, they can break down anytime. You must be well aware and always stay prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

In this matter, always keep an alternate heat source to help you keep warm and comfortable even when your furnace breaks down. Doing so eliminates the fear of experiencing cold in the absence of your furnace. You may consider keeping wood stoves as they are relevant and you don’t have to worry about any breakdowns with them. They are affordable and deliver effectively. You may also consider electrical and portable heaters.

Look out for water pipes

If the temperature in your region drops to a freezing point and if your furnace happens to break down, make sure the pipes are not frozen. It is the last thing you  want to happen and cut yourself off from accessibility of water. Make sure you keep the pipes warm and flowing. You may consider bringing in your portable heaters beneath the water pipes to keep them warm and running. However, these cases are rare since the experts may have fixed it way sooner before the temperature gets too low. 

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