Why Would My Outside AC Unit Stop Working?

With the arrival of harsh weather, an increasing number of individuals are turning on their central air conditioning systems. Homeowners who neglect air conditioner upkeep may discover that their central air isn’t working as well as they thought.

The compressor on the outside is the compressor in reality. On the inside, it is the evaporator. While the outside AC unit fan is not operating but the inside unit fan is, there is an issue that must be fixed right once. The air will be flowing but will not cool your home until we repair the exterior air conditioner condenser or compressor.

Possible Reasons Your Outside AC Unit Stopped Working

Several issues might be causing your AC installation Snohomish, WA into malfunction. If you discover any of the problems listed here below your central air, call a local HVAC contractor for assistance.

Power off 

When your exterior AC unit isn’t operating, it might be as easy as an on/off switch is mistakenly turned off. Most outdoor fan units include an on/off switch in a tiny box next to the device.

Tripped connection breaker 

A tripped circuit breaker might have caused your exterior AC unit to cease operating correctly. Locate the circuit box and check to see whether the breaker has not tripped. If you discover that it has, turn it completely off and then back on. If the switch keeps tripping, preventing the outside unit from operating, you should contact a licensed electrician to investigate the problem.

Thermostats with incorrect settings 

Check your thermostat to ensure that it is set to “cool” and that it is set to a lower temperature than with what you believe to be room temperature. If this is the case and your inside unit is operating, your inner unit might be the culprit.

Other problems that might persist

A faulty compressor is a typical problem when your interior unit is running correctly but your outside AC unit fails. When this occurs, a repair usually is necessary, and in some instances, a whole new system is needed. When the condenser/compressor on the exterior unit fails, we recommend that the complete system be replaced.

The effectiveness and functionality of the overall change will be much better when it is all together, rather than combining new outdoor equipment with old interior units and vice versa; it will save you money on your ac bill.

Other problems that might cause your exterior unit to cease operating include fan failure, electrical difficulties, coils freezing, and refrigerant line difficulties. A qualified technician will need to check these difficulties.


Regular maintenance is the most intelligent method to lessen the likelihood that your cooling system – whether inside or outdoors – will fail. This includes basic actions performed by you, the homeowner (such as keeping vents and registers clean and clear and replacing the air filter regularly), as well as annual professional maintenance.

We hope the above information helps you identify your problem with the indoor AC unit operating or the outside compressor unit. To schedule an AC repair in Snohomish, WA, call us right away, and we’ll send an AC repair Snohomish, WA service professional right away to fix the problem. For more, call us at (425) 403-7988.

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