6 Common Problems with Conventional Gas furnaces

Gas furnace problems are frequently misdiagnosed and left unattended by homeowners. As the furnace ages, a number of problems begin to appear, and it’s critical to fix them right away. If you’re in Bellevue and need furnace repair, contact the experts at DVAC Heating and Air right away!

Problems with Gas Furnace:

Let’s examine some of the typical issues with traditional gas furnaces:

  1. Lack of Adequate Heat: When your furnace is not providing adequate heat, there could be a variety of causes. It could be because of loose power connections or an issue with the heat vents. One of the main causes is actually clogged filters, which prevent heat from leaving the furnace. Homeowners should have routine maintenance performed and change their filters every two to three months to minimize the efficiency issues they may experience with dirty filters.
  2. Short Cycling: Addressing a gas furnace that regularly cycles on and off, or that is “short cycling,” will help you save money on energy and keep your furnace in good condition. Short cycling can indicate a furnace issue so you’ll want to contact a professional right away to investigate any potential problems, such as a clogged exhaust vent, a dirty filter, or a broken thermostat. Call DVAC Heating and Air at (425) 403 7931!
  3. Blower Runs Constantly: If your blower is operating continually, your furnace is probably set to the fan setting, which is pumping unheated air continuously through the ductwork. If that doesn’t work, you might have an issue with the limit switch that monitors the furnace’s internal temperature, which would require professional replacement. Usually, turning off this setting will solve the problem, but if it doesn’t, reach out to our experts to schedule a service appointment.
  4. Noise from the Furnace: Not only are noisy furnaces annoying, but they may also be a sign of technical problems. Check the mechanical parts of your gas furnace to make sure they are functioning properly if you hear unusual rumbling, squeaking, rattling, or humming. You should also inspect the blower motor’s condition.
  5. Electronic Ignition Failure: If the electronic ignition isn’t working properly, your furnace may provide little or no heat, cycle repeatedly, or you may have an issue with the blower. Fortunately, electrical ignition issues can occasionally be resolved by the homeowner. You could try changing the furnace’s filter and inspecting the gas and power lines. It’s usually time to call in a pro if quick remedies don’t work. The experts at DVAC Heating and Air can help!
  6. Thermostat malfunction: The thermostat is frequently to blame for problems with the furnace’s temperature. You may have a wiring issue or you may simply need to change the batteries.

DVAC Heating and Air offer a wide range of conventional gas furnaces at incredibly affordable prices. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our HVAC services, including furnace installation. We serve Bellevue, WA, and surrounding areas! Give us a call at (425) 403 7931.

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