AC Replacement in Mill Creek, WA

As spring gives way to summer, your air conditioner must be running its best. However, if your AC unit has been acting up, and you’ve had it longer than 15 years, it may be due for a replacement. Here are a few things to look for that indicate you might need a new air conditioner or heat pump.

High Humidity or Excessive Moisture

You notice excessive moisture in your house. The air inside always feels humid, no matter how much you run your AC. A well-running air conditioner should not only cool the air but dehumidify it. If it isn’t doing that, this could be a sign of a refrigerant leak or another problem. If you do see or smell leaking coolant, please don’t try to clean it up or fix it yourself. Call a licensed professional to handle it.

Bad Smells

When you run your air conditioner, it gives off bad smells. These odors can range from a musty, moldy smell, “dirty sock” syndrome, or even a burning odor. Especially in the case of a burning smell, you should call an HVAC company right away, as this can indicate an electrical problem. Moldy or musty odors can be the result of build-up on your evaporator coil, or they’re a sign this component is failing. Because bad smells can have different causes, it’s a good idea to get an HVAC inspection. An expert from DVAC Heating & Air LLC will take a look at your system and ducting. We have years of experience in AC replacement in Mill Creek.

Poor Airflow

If you experience weak airflow coming from your home’s vents, the first thing you should do is check your filter. Dirty filters reduce airflow by creating resistance. In fact, the number one cause of air conditioner problems is lack of maintenance, specifically clogged filters. However, if you’ve inspected the filter and it’s still in good shape, there may be a problem with the indoor evaporator coil. There may be a refrigerant leak, or there could also be a malfunction with the blower motor. In older units, these problems may be severe enough that your AC unit needs to be replaced.

Warm Air

When your air conditioner is blowing warm air, this may be due to a failing compressor in the outdoor unit. In some cases, only the compressor itself needs to be replaced, whereas in others you’ll need an entirely new outdoor unit. If your compressor is under ten years old, it may still be covered under warranty — especially if you’ve been having your unit serviced under a routine maintenance plan.

Insufficient Cooling

Maybe your AC or heat pump is putting out cool air, but it doesn’t seem to be able to keep up the way it used to. You may notice temperature variations from room to room. Aging air conditioners don’t always run until they just give out one day. More often, they gradually decline in their efficiency. However, sometimes an AC unit not being able to keep up could be a sign that it wasn’t correctly installed. In other words, it may not be powerful enough to meet the demands of the space it’s cooling (along with other factors, like building materials, number of occupants, etc.). Whether your air conditioner has lived its life or is too small for your home, you’ll need to replace it with an appropriate model. The experienced technicians at DVAC Heating & Air LLC will perform extensive calculations to appropriately size and install your new AC unit.

Call the Trusted Experts for AC Replacement in Mill Creek, WA

If you’ve been considering AC replacement in Mill Creek, we can help. A team member from DVAC Heating & Air LLC will do a thorough inspection of your air conditioner or heat pump. If it’s time to replace it, we’ll make sure you get the best air conditioning system possible. We even offer a financing plan, so it’s affordable to get the cooling you need this summer. We’re proud to serve Mill Creek, Lynnwood, and Snohomish, WA, and the surrounding areas. For top-quality AC replacement and exceptional service, give us a call today!




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