Are There Benefits To Turning Your Heat Off At Night?

Although some homeowners have thought about shutting off their heat at night in an effort to reduce their heating costs, it is typically not advised as a practical choice. The truth is that turning off the heat at night puts your house and family at more risk than it does saving money on your energy bill.

Benefits of Turning off Heat at Night:

At night, you might be tempted to turn off the heat. On the surface, this makes sense: After all, why run it at all if you don’t need the heat?

However, it might be an expensive mistake for your home and your health to turn off the heat at night. Does lowering the heat at night result in cost savings? Not when all the relevant factors are taken into account.

You will lose sleep as a result: Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. One of the healthiest things you can do to save money is to engage in this activity. Lack of sleep increases your risk of acquiring a number of health issues. You can find yourself spending more money on prescription drugs or even just daily stimulants to keep yourself going if you have sleep-related health issues.

Your home could be harmed: In the winter, try turning off your heat to find out. Cold snaps can make your house react like a soda can when temperatures drop below freezing.

If you turn off the heat for 6 to 8 hours while the outside temperature is below freezing, it’s likely that your home’s interior temperature will fall below 60 degrees. Most adults may have trouble falling asleep at such low temperatures, and young children and the elderly may suffer harm. Temperatures for the most susceptible should not be lowered below 64 degrees.

When the heat is turned off, the temperature drops dramatically, which forces your furnace to work harder to raise the temperature in your home to a comfortable level. Your heating system has to work harder, and you end up spending more money as a result.

In truth, the speed at which the temperature drops when the heat is turned off depends on how cold it is outside and how warm it is inside. On a particularly chilly Minnesota night, turning off your heat may end up costing you more than $5,000. How? Well, your pipes could burst, resulting in expensive water damage, if temperatures drop below freezing, which frequently occurs here.

You see, when the water inside your pipes freezes, it has a similar effect to a can of soda that has been left in the freezer too long: it bursts. That’s because water expands when it freezes. Additionally, if your pipes bulge enough, they will burst, enabling water to leak out and flood your house.

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