How Do You Know When it’s Time To Replace Your Furnace?

Almost every house requires an HVAC system that is strong, durable, and reliable. However, even the best of the systems have a life span after which it just cannot function with efficiency.

The real question here is how you understand whether your system is nearing its efficient years. To answer that, we have come up with this article to help you know when you need to go in for a furnace replacement. Without any further delay, take a read!

The Lifespan of the System

The first and foremost thing to take into consideration is the age of your system. Usually, the lifespan of an HVAC system is up to 15 years. If it is well-maintained and frequently tuned up, the lifespan can extend to 20 years.

However, anything beyond that is worth avoiding. You will also be able to see visible signs, such as lagging operations, slow startups, less efficient performances, and so on.

Unnatural Noises from the Furnace

If you notice any weird or unnatural sounds coming from your furnace while it is functional, it is high time to go for a replacement.

Noises like rattling, buzzing, clicking, etc., are signs that something within the system is not right. These structural issues are best solved by replacing the HVAC system completely.

Uneven Heating

Another sign that tells you that it is time to replace your HVAC system is to notice uneven temperature distribution in your house.

Or it may so happen that your heater is not heating at all. Such signs tell you that your HVAC system is not performing fully or is not efficient enough.

Traces of Soot

Your HVAC system is responsible for the air quality of your house. However, if you start noticing soot particles or traces of dust and dirt all over your home even when the system is running, the chances are that your HVAC system is giving in. In such cases, a simple repair will not serve the purpose. Thus, an immediate replacement is advised.

A Major Increase in Utility Bills

Lastly, the most significant sign of it all is an increase in your utility bills. If you notice that the bill amount has increased after you started operating your HVAC system, it may be that your system is responsible for it.

As your system ages, it requires more and more energy to do its job. Therefore, when you start noticing drastic increases, it means your system is already at the end of its serving period.

With that, we hope that you have a clear idea of when you should be going in for an HVAC system replacement. In case you are looking for a reliable service for your furnace repair, dial (425) 403-7812 to set up an appointment with DVAC Heating & Air LLC.

From there on, sit back and relax. We have with us a team of talented and experienced professionals equipped with the right tools to help you take care of your HVAC system.

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