How Many Hours Should Air Conditioners Run On A Routine Basis?

How Many Hours Should Air Conditioners Run On A Routine Basis?

Air conditioners are responsible for keeping the temperature in the home pleasant even when it is hot outdoors. Homeowners frequently question how long they should run their air conditioner to avoid overuse.

Many homeowners struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature inside their homes. This could indicate a faulty air conditioner. For routine maintenance, you must contact AC services in Snohomish, WA. You can ensure with us that their air conditioner will function efficiently by keeping its health in control. To efficiently run the air conditioner, you must keep the following factors in mind –

  • Weather

The time it takes for the air conditioner to run to achieve the desired temperature inside the home is heavily dependent on the weather. Homeowners must recognise that the air conditioner will not perform as well on hot days as colder days.

When the days are cooler, homeowners should run it in 15-minute intervals, and it should run continuously when the weather outdoors is especially hot. According to experts, one should not be concerned about turning on and off their air conditioner during the day. It has a converter that shuts the electricity when it reaches the desired temperature and then restarts it.

  • Cycles Per Hour

Another method for determining the run time of your air conditioner is to define the cycles per hour. Experts recommend that air conditioners cycle two to three times every hour to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house. The cycle should last ten to fifteen minutes in moderate weather.

If the duration of this cycle is less than 15-20 minutes, it indicates that it is short cycling. If the air conditioner isn’t running the correct amount of cycles, it’s always a good idea to call for AC repair in Snohomish, WA.

  • Continuously Running System

You are already aware of the regular cycling of your air conditioner system. Continuously running air conditioners can indicate serious problems. It can have an impact on your energy expenditures as well as the lifespan of your HVAC equipment. There could be a variety of causes for your air conditioner to operate continuously. It could be due to a faulty thermostat or evaporator coil damage. If you cannot shut down your system, you should contact an AC service in Snohomish, WA, to have a professional inspect it.

  • Humidity

Air conditioners keep the air in the home cool by eliminating heat and moisture. Humidity is also a role in determining how long the air conditioner should run. When there is humidity outdoors, air conditioners have to work harder to keep up with the heat.

In case of excessive humidity, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature might be difficult. The thermostat must be set to the desired temperature. Following the cycles, every hour can greatly assist homeowners keep their homes cool even when the weather is hot outside.

The run time is likely to rise if the temperature outside the house is higher than the temperature you set. Depending on the weather and humidity, you should use your air conditioner. We can help you save money on air conditioner services. Schedule routine maintenance with one of our expert specialists by calling us today.