How Much Does It Cost To Fix Your Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner is not built to last for a lifetime. It is a machine whose performance will reduce after regular use for several years. The average lifespan of an air conditioner is twelve years. After this, you will need to replace it with a new one.

During use, you may experience different types of minor or major issues in the unit. Some of them can be fixed without any charges, while others may need expert assistance to incur a hefty expense.

My AC Is Not Getting On

This is a common problem that you may face in your air conditioning unit. The reason for this problem is, the malfunctioning thermostat. If the device is not set correctly or is unable to receive power, you may experience it. This is a simple problem.

It will not incur any charges. All you need is to check the settings of your thermostat. Ensure that it is set to “cool” or “AC.” It is also required that the battery has to be fresh. Also, check the condition of the circuit breaker. Make sure it is not a tripped fuse.

Inferior Cooling

If you do not get adequate cooling, then there could be a problem with air circulation. The key is to modify the filter. Based on the filter’s quality and capacity, you may incur a cost of $5 to $20.

In addition to replacing the filter, change it every one or two months. Ensure that it is installed with a gap of 5 ft from the ceiling and 24 inches on the sides.

I Have Noticed A Sudden Surge In Electricity Bill

A drastic spike in the utility bill could be due to a dirty filter. Other than this, it can also be due to a blockage in the condensing coil. This coil is present inside the outdoor unit. It has numerous cooling fins and can attract debris and dust.

The solution for this problem is to call an authorized air repair professional for a spring tune-up. AC Replacement in Mill Creek, WA has years of experience fixing simple to critical issues in an air conditioner. It would cost you around $70 to $160.

My AC Shuts Down Quickly

If you are noticing that your AC unit is shutting down quickly, it could be due to poor thermostat placement. This can be a very discomforting situation. Check whether the unit is close to any heating device or high temperatures, such as a hot oven or direct sunlight. You may require to relocate the thermostat to resume proper functioning.

There are no charges if your problem solves just by changing the position of the thermostat. If the problem isn’t fixed by doing it, you may require changing this programmable unit, i.e., the thermostat. A new unit may charge you anywhere around $250, and its installation will cost you around $90.

It Makes Weird Noises

Sounds like rattling, ticking, or buzzing from an AC is due to a loose screw, bent fan blade, or a bum blower motor. If it is due to a screw, then it could solve by tightening or lubricating the screw.

You may need a replacement of the fan blade or invest in a new fan motor in major cases. An AC repair in Lynwood, WA would charge you $85 to $145 for the examination and tune-up and $160 to $800 for a blower motor.

Understanding what problem your AC is having is a must. This could be done with the help of experts only. We at DVAC Heating & Air LLC figure out what the problem is and accordingly provide solutions. Call us at (425) 908-0030  for fixing your AC problems.

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