How Much Does It Cost To Replace An AC Capacitor?

A capacitor is an electrical component that stores power and uses it whenever the system needs it. It starts when you turn on the AC unit. This component also loses its efficiency with prolonged use. As it is an essential electric part of an AC unit, you should always seek a licensed professional’s assistance to repair it.

So, let us learn more about the cost incurred in replacing air conditioning components, including a capacitor.

Average Air Conditioner Repair Cost

The repair cost of different air conditioning components is different. A majority of homeowners pay around $165 and $575 to repair an air conditioner. The repair cost per hour is around $35 to $200.

A lot of contractors charge you based on the complexity of repair than the hourly labor rate. Below is the average repair cost charged by authorized firms that offer AC Repair in Mill Creek, WA.

  • National Average: $360
  • Typical Range: $160to $580
  • Low End to High End: $70to $1,900

Repair Cost For Common Problems Issues in AC

Here is the complete list of how much an AC owner would expect to pay to rectify an air conditioner’s issues:

  • Detection and repair of leakage in a Refrigerant- $220to $1,500
  • Recharging an AC refrigerant -$110 to $850
  • Replacement of a circuit board -$125to $650
  • Replace circuit breakers, relays, and fuses – $ 20 to $350
  • Replacement of a thermostat – $110to $480
  • AC compressor repair hard start kit – $120 to $270
  • Replacement of a capacitor – $95to $470
  • Replacement of a home air compressor – $1,350 to $2,300
  • Replacement of an evaporator coil – $630 to $1,250
  • Replacement of a condensing unit fan motor – $100 to $700

It is important to note that repair professionals at AC installation Lynnwood, WA, determine the repair costs based on the unit’s type and size that needs to be repaired.

An Approximation of AC Repair Cost

The cost of troubleshooting an AC service differs from $80 to $170. It is based majorly on the aspects such as time of year and geographical location of the repair. Summer is the time when the repair cost will be maximum. The hourly rate may even go up to $200 per hour.

The AC professional may charge around $80 to $100 for tuning a system. This annual maintenance will provide you with mental peace and considerable long-term savings.

Cost to Replace an AC Compressor

A compressor is a major unit that may incur a heavy expense. A certified professional could charge anywhere between $1,200 or more to replace the faulty compressor. Here is the listing of possible faults in the AC with the repair cost:

  • To replace a damaged AC Compressor, you may incur a charge of $100 and $250. This is a long-term solution to the problem.
  • The repair cost of gas leakage in the AC is between $220 and $1,500.
  • You may need to pay $120 to $475 for the replacement of a capacitor.
  • The cost of installation of a new air handler system is between $2,200 and $3,800.
  • The cost of the replacement of a fan coil is around $2,000.
  • The cost to replace a fuse, relays, or circuit breakers in the AC is between $15 and $300
  • It costs about $115 and $250 for Thermostat Replacement
  • To install a new condenser, you may have to pay approx. $1,750
  • The installation cost of a new HVAC system and duct system is between $9,200 and $12,300.
  • You can repair an AC blower repair at only $150. However, the cost could go as high as $300 to $800. However, a high-end blower motor would be up to $2,000.

Hire a professional for replacing the AC capacitor. We at DVAC Heating & Air LLC take care of all your AC services. Call us at (425) 908-0030 for expert repair services, and we would not disappoint you!

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