How to Diagnose and Fix Problems With Your AC

Most of us have been living under an air conditioner for a long time. But still, we are unable to diagnose a problem when it arises. Though it is a good idea to rely on an AC company in Lynnwood, WA, it is advisable to identify and fix the problem on your own. Not only will you be saving a lot of money in terms of repair expenses, but it also ensures that your system remains in peak condition and any issue it may have is taken care of, even if a minor one.

How to identify and troubleshoot an AC problem

Rather than having to call for an AC repair in Lynnwood, WA every time your AC has a problem, here are a few common issues with the AC units, along with their diagnoses and troubleshoot:

System Not Turning On

There are a lot of reasons as to why an AC unit won’t turn on. Most of the time, the problem could be due to an issue with one of the internal switches turned off, a problem with the thermostat, or even the circuit breaker fusing. The first thing to do is check and replace the circuit breaker if necessary, fix or replace the thermostat and ensure that all internal and external switches around the system are on.

The system not Cooling the Room

There are times when your unit switches on but takes a long time to cool down a room or doesn’t, at all. This is often due to a build-up of weed, dirt, and debris within the system. The first thing to do is ensure that your condenser is clean regularly. Another reason could be due to a low refrigerant level. In this case, it is better to get in touch with an AC company in Lynnwood in WA.

Poor Circulation of Airflow

The circulation of air within a home is managed through the air filter and ductwork. If they become disconnected or clogged, it can restrain the flow of air, which could later reduce the system’s efficiency. During this time, the first thing is to ensure that your filter is cleaned and changed regularly. Check the ductwork to see that they have not become disconnected from the system. If the problem persists, call for an AC repair in Lynnwood, WA immediately.

Liquid Pooling Around The Unit

It is important to note if there is any liquid pooling around your AC unit. Most of the time, the liquid turns out to be water. This is due to the condensate pan overflowing, causing the water to escape back into the system and overflow out of it. If you notice this, first check that the pan is empty. By regularly emptying the pan, it prevents the pan from overflowing and leaks appearing in the system.

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