Rob G.

David and DVAC handled a large retrofit job for us with difficult requirements. We have a large single-story home with 3 different crawlspaces spaces separated by foundation. We had strong requirements about vent placement and wanted the return vents in the ceiling with supply vents in the floors in specific locations. This meant running a duct from floor to ceiling but our attic only covers part of our house which complicated things further. We also have softwood floors that are tricky to work on.

David and his team were very thorough in their initial estimate and explained the pros and cons of different options. ¬†They gave us a fair price for a great system. DVAC wasn’t the cheapest option available but David’s attention to detail and communication were excellent. DVAC was the only bid that took into account proper and safe drilling through our foundation and also offered reasonable approaches to our complex requirements. This meant there were no surprise costs during the install.

The install went relatively smoothly though we had to use our second option of closets for running a duct from the crawlspace to the attic. DVAC handled this change with excellent communication and the finished ductwork is out of the way and looks good. David offered to put up studs and drywall around the duct but preferred the slightly larger storage space and the duct looks good enough for a closet.

One of the vent installs in our floor cracked one of the boards which was honestly expected given our floors and how much the dog dents them. David had a flooring guy out asap and offered to replace as many boards as needed to make it right. He covered the cost of the flooring fix and it was done that day.

I reviewed all the bids proposed equipment before choosing DVAC. Not only was David attentive to our unique situation he offered a well-reviewed and extremely efficient option at a competitive price. He also suggested options for air filters which we’re glad we took given our pet situation. After the install, I couldn’t tell that the unit was on until listening in the ducted closet. It’s near-silent and still efficient enough to get us the best rebates available.

The install was finished by the date we agree and at the price, we agreed. David made sure every detail was covered and was there at every step communicating progress and potential changes.

Overall we’re very happy with DVAC and highly recommend their work.