What AC Temperature Saves You Money?

As outdoor temperatures rise and you take comfort in the shade and relief of your homes, deciding on a thermostat setting that caters to familial and financial concerns is a task. While you crank up the air conditioning and enjoy the cool air, your utility bill can go through the roof. This could also be an indication that you need to look for AC repair in Lynwood, WA.

Settling on the perfect temperature for your family that also benefits your electricity bills can be a task. Here are a few safe default temperature settings to test your journey towards efficient central cooling and cost-efficiency.

Temperature Setting When You’re Away

One way to decrease your energy costs is setting your air conditioning unit at a higher temperature when you’re not at home. Bumping the temperature up by 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit (2-3 degrees Celsius) slows the heating of your home and will be much easier to cool down once you come back.

While you’re away, you must avoid leaving the temperature at a lower setting as that extra cooling will be a hefty expense for you whilst not contributing to central cooling. Setting slightly higher temperatures when no one’s home is a better practice for your utility bills.

Temperature Setting When You’re Home

According to the Department of Energy, 78 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) is the perfect temperature to maintain when you are home. This setting is the perfect temperature for your home. Still, your family’s comfort and financial situation should help you decide on a temperature that is optimal for you.

The optimal temperature for when you’re asleep would be anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures are advisable for houses. Look for AC installation in Snohomish to assist you in setting up programmable thermostats as well.

Other Factors

  • Moderation Of Humidity: While high humidity rates contribute to a heavy climate inside your home, a certain moisture level of 30-50 per cent is important to prevent mould formation. This humidity level also provides a cooler environment at home and is easy to maintain with the help of air conditioner settings and dehumidifiers.
  • Frequent AC Maintenance: Your AC unit works more efficiently with regular maintenance work and timely air conditioner repairs. There are primary checkups that could be performed by the homeowners themselves, such as cleaning, dusting and replacing filters. If your air conditioning unit is not blowing out air as it is supposed to be, it is better to consult a technician or HVAC agency nearby.

Choosing to upgrade to a programmable thermostat is one of the most efficient ways to incorporate customizable comfort for you and the environment at home.

Be sure to test and consult for valuable information regarding air conditioner repairs. We can help you save money on your AC installations in Lynnwood, WA as well.

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