What is Wrong When the Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air?

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People buy an air conditioner to cool their houses effectively, especially on the hot days of summer. However, sometimes, the air conditioner may blow warm air inside the rooms. This can be absolutely annoying, and it is necessary to diagnose the root cause. The good thing is finding out the root causes of this incident is not tough. You may call an agency offering emergency AC repair in Mill Creek region. However, it makes sense to use a few DIY troubleshooting steps before calling an agency.

Why the AC May Blow Warm Air Inside?

Your AC may start blowing warm air instead of cool air, owing to any of the following reasons:

  • Improper Thermostat Setting: This can be easy to fix. It may so happen that a playful kid in the house has changed the thermostat setting from ‘Cool’ or ‘Auto’ to ‘Fan’. Then the fan will run, but the cool airflow will stop.
  • Closed Vent Grilles: Check if the vent grilles of the AC are closed or open. If these are shut, no cooling can be obtained. Sometimes, large furniture can block the vents too.
  • Clogged Air Filter: If the AC’s air filter has not been changed in a long time, cool airflow will not be available. Based on air quality and dirt, the air filter gets clogged over time. After a time, that hinders the capability of the device to throw in cool air. These filters need to be replaced a few times every year.
  • Leaking Ducts: The ducts of the AC may get worn out, or leakage can develop over the years. When this happens, cool airflow will be hampered or stopped. AC ducts can also be damaged by insects. It would be a good idea to get AC ducts assessed by a top agency offering AC replacement in Mill Creek.
  • Dirty Condenser Coils: The condenser coil emits heat outside of the room. If it is choked with dirt and dust, it may not release hot air outside. That will lead to AC not throwing in cool air.
  • Coolant Leak: The AC unit you use has some refrigerant liquid inside. It usually does not get depleted. However, in some cases, a leakage may cause a dip in the refrigerant level. If that happens, the cooling efficiency of the device will go down and it will blow hot air.
  • Outdoor Unit Not Working: Most air conditioner models have two units. One is installed inside the room, and the other is kept outside. If the outdoor unit is not getting power or has developed a snag, cooling will not be there. It can be triggered by a tripped circuit breaker.

Get the AC Fixed by a Reliable Agency

Your AC may blow warm air for any of the above-mentioned reasons. However, it is not prudent to try fixing it on your own. You should hire a reliable agency. In the Mill Creek region, your best option is DVAC Heating & Air LLC. We offer all types of AC repair services at reasonable rates.

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