Why Does Your Furnace Click on But is Not Igniting?

It’s cold out there, and you want to have a hot cup of coffee sitting in a room with the warmth of your furnace. You switch on the furnace, and you hear the furnace click on noise.

It’s been more than a few minutes, and you are waiting to experience the warmth in your room. You start wondering about the reasons why your furnace is not working.

Furnaces are quietly ticking away, filling our homes with a warm, reliable source of heat. But they are not perfectly efficient. They are prone to making noise, malfunctioning, and taking a hit to their performance too often.

This article will help you understand various reasons for the inefficiency of the furnace. The key is being proactive about how best to maintain your furnace before it’s too late.

Five Reasons Why Your Furnace is Not Working Efficiently

  • Ignition system is not working: This is perhaps the most common breakdown in a gas furnace. The working of the ignition system is similar to a car. The furnace’s ignition system is responsible for igniting the furnace burners, which heats up the air and makes you feel warm. If the ignition system does not work as it should be, it’s time to call an HVAC technician for a furnace tune-up in Mill Creek, WA.
  • Dirty air filters: There are times when air doesn’t get to your heater’s igniter because it is limited. The primary reason behind this is messy air channels.

The air filters must be dirty, which is blocking the airflow and requires a tune-up. It is always best to inspect the air filters every 90 days and replace them if needed. You can also opt for furnace cleaning in Lynnwood, WA.

  • The thermostat is not working: When you turn your heater on, you will hear a few clicking noises. One will be of the system’s fan, responsible for a furnace’s burning process.

You will also experience the swoosh noise of the gas igniting. And finally, after a few seconds, hot air will then flow out in the room. If none of this happens, your thermostat is not working efficiently.

It’s time for a furnace tune-up, and the best choice is to connect with the experts.

  • Circuit breaker: The circuit breaker helps in igniting the burner. One of the reasons for circuit breaker tripping is that the blower motor is causing power overloading, which, in turn, trips the circuit breaker failing to ignite the burner.
  • The safety switch is open: The safety switch helps in shutting down the furnace if it gets too hot. If the safety switch is open, burners will be off and lead to cold air. You need to check with an HVAC technician, to resolve the issue.

We can help you save money and plan your heating and air conditioning needs. For any issues related to your HVAC system, call us today!

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